Frequently Asked Questions - Secret Box+

NO! Nobody can. That's the nature of AES encryption. Sorry...

See the FAQ how to reset Secret Box.

Yes! Both Secret Box ans Secret Box+ share the same database of secrets. The only difference is that Secret Box+ introduces pictures.

Even if you add pictures to your secrets the free version can still share the database with the paid version.

How do I backup my secrets?
I'm afraid I'll lose my phone, how can I backup my secrets? I'd like to have the same secrets on my new Android powered phone, how can I transfer them from the old phone?

All your secrets are stored on your media card in /sdcard/secretbox.

Connect your phone to your PC and mount it as an external hard drive. Once mounted look for secretbox directory on newly mounted drive.

Copy entire directory to your PC for backup.

To recover the backup or to transfer your secrets to the new phone copy secretbox directory to your new phone's /sdcard/ directory.

Secret Box and Secret Box+ will pick up your database if it finds it.

How do I reset Secret Box?
I forgot my password. I would like to start over again.

The only way to reset Secret Box is to delete it's secret database.

WARNING!! you will lose all your secrets. We recommend that you backup your secret database before proceeding.

All your secrets are stored on your media card in /sdcard/secretbox.

All you need to do to reset the application is to delete secretbox directory.

Mount your phone to your PC using the USB cable that came with the phone. Once the external hard drive is accessible from your PC delete "secretbox" directory and everything in it.

Unmount your phone. Start Secret Box. You will be prompted to create new password.

Uninstalling Secret Box does not delete your secret database, so uninstalling and installing again will not reset the application.

By default Android application has no access to the phone resources. This includes internet access.

A developer has to specifically request a permission for his application to access these resources. When the application is being installed the user is asked to grant such permissions to the application.

When Secret Box is being installed it asks for no permissions whatsoever, so even if we wanted to upload your secrets to our server we wouldn't be able to because we have no internet access from your phone.

More can be found here

When the picture is added to the secret the copy is made and encrypted. If you don't wish to have the picture showing up with other unprotected pictures in the gallery you can delete it there. The secret picture will still remain.

If you can't find any of our paid for applications on the market one of the following is the problem:

a) You are in the country where paid applications are not supported. Please give Google and your network operator a shout.
b) Your OS version is lower than what is required by the application. Nothing can be done here other than upgrading your phone.
c) You are signed in with Google Apps account. See this for more details.

Rotate your phone before you select the picture for viewing.

Picture is only served once to the viewer. This is to protect against malicious software that could pretend to be an image viewer and steal your picture.

SecretBox does not save your secrets on the internet. This means that when you get a new phone, your secrets stay with the old phone.

Secrets are saved in "secretbox" directory on your sdcard (media card).

To move secrets to new phone, simply back them up from your old phone to PC (see the FAQ regarding backup) and then copy them from PC to your sdcard on your new phone.

Alternatively, you may want to simply take the sdcard out from the old phone and put it in the new phone and be done with it.

To lock the SecretBox (so it asks for the password when you want to use it next time) you must hit back button all the way until the application exits.

Clicking Home button or turning off the screen leaves SecretBox running in unlocked state. This is by design, so you can switch between your online banking and SecretBox to get that password you cannot remember.