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You've got shopping+

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You've got shopping+ is our answer to user's feature requests for You've got shopping.

The most important "email me the shopping list" feature has now been enhanced! Your hon can email you multiple categorized (or not) lists. All in one email!

Follow the screen shots and descriptions to learn more and please leave your comments to help us improve the application and/or ourselves.


The most valued feature of this application is that you can have your shopping list emailed to you. Before the application can be used this way it needs to be properly configured. Click Menu button and select Settings followed by Gmail settings.

Here you need to type the email address of your own inbox. This will be checked for incoming shopping list messages. If you don't like this email feature you can of course disable it.


The second piece of the puzzle is the email subject you and your hon agree on to become a shopping list message. Click Menu button and select Settings followed by Email settings.

Now you can have your trusted person send you an email with the subject you have set. This must be exactly verbatim - no RE or FW. RE and FW are not allowed; an email with RE: in the subject will go into your mailbox but will not be recognized by this application.

Lastly add email addresses of people you trust enough to send you the shopping lists. By clicking a button to the left of the email address you can change the item icon color for that address. Items in the list will show colorized based on the sender, so you know who asked for that diamond ring.

Once all set you can exit the application. The service will run in the background.


The following has been generated by this email:

four tires
--big screen TV
one cat
-Frozen foods:
ice cream
Home Depot:
few nails



Totally uncategorized items:

four tires
one cat

List is denoted by colon suffix and category by dash prefix and colon suffix:

-Frozen foods:
ice cream

In specific list but uncategorized items:

Home Depot:
few nails

Finally, if you previously had a big screen TV on your shopping list the following line removed it, so you don't end up with two of them:

--big screen TV

And yes, they get out of your way as you check them.

Here you can see how the items are colorized by sender.


Notification stays on as long as you have something to shop for, or not. Depends how you feel about it.


Go crazy with settings.
For LED color please see this FAQ.


You no longer need to explain the things to your hon. Just send sample email.


New in version 1.1.6 - Location alarms!

Location alarm will notify you when you are in proximity of the geographical point defined by you.

You can associate multiple location alarms with your lists.

To add location alarm select the list with the scroll ball and click Menu button and select Location alarms menu. The same can be done by long clicking a list.


You will see the map. Click Menu button and select Search. In the search box you can type the address or business you are looking for, for example "Costco, San Diego".


Search results will be placed on the map as red markers. Click on the marker once to reveal location name.


Click on it the second time to open Location alarm screen.

Here you can turn the alarm on or off, set the minimum number of items in the list and minimum proximity radius from the location to trigger the alarm.


Alarms, once created, clearly differ form search results.


You are notified once in proximity of the target, providing the minimum number of items in the list is met.


WARNING: Too many active alarms may cause your battery to drain faster!

ignore .signature

the program is a great little helper. I wish for one feature: Having either an -- ignore line, after that line everything is ignore, or take the -- signature line for this.
I also suggest, to exchange the own syntax with the already existing tiddlywiki syntax, where
!starts a topic
* starts an item
** starts a subtitem
*** starts a subsubitem.

It might be worth having both syntax in parallel.

many thanks

gnugu's picture
RE: ignore .signature

We will look at ignoring the signature.

We may also evaluate a parallel syntax, but please keep in mind that it must be very simple so your grandma can email you the shopping list.


sort by sender

Love the categories added to +, If it would categorize by sender as well would be great.

gnugu's picture
RE: sort by sender

We are contemplating doing something similar.
We have been suggested by our most valued user to color code the items by sender.

It makes more sense than sorting by sender. Once you are in a store you are in a store and you would likely buy for both senders.

Stay tuned.

item at multiple stores?

I have been searching for weeks for a decent shopping app. There is one feature that is a MUST for me. Does your program have the ability to have an item be on multiple lists? For instance, I can buy milk at the grocery store, costco, walmart, or the drug store, so I want MILK on all those lists. And, if I buy it at one, it needs to be marked off all of them.

If you have that, I will happily pay for it. Otherwise, I don't want to waste my time.


gnugu's picture
RE: item at multiple stores?

You can have as many milks in as many lists as you want.
When you buy a milk in Costco it will NOT be marked off in other lists.

gnugu's picture
Color coding items!

Just released new version that allows you to color code item icons by sender!

No notifications


I have a Motorola Milestone, installed the app and set it up correctly, sent myself a test email but nothing happens. If I manually refresh from within the app, still no list.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance,


gnugu's picture
RE: No notifications

Motorola Milestone is the same as Motorola Droid on which it works fine.

Please make sure that the subject of the message is verbatim.
Also, did you receive the email on your phone? Please send an email to our support.

According to my tests, it

According to my tests, it seems to happen only when/if the subject contains accents, which is a little bad because groceries is written épicerie in french. Oh well, not that big a deal but I thought you'd like to know.

gnugu's picture
RE: According to my tests

Thanks. We have put it in to a list of bugs to fix.

Emails not working

Okay, I'm getting a bit frustrated. This thing sometimes work and sometimes don't. So far, don't. I used a simple subject title: "Shopping list", setup with a few emails that I can email myself with the list. Make sure Gmail doesn't mark it off as Read. I even changed the subject line to something else a few times. Nothing happens... The "Refresh" button doesn't seem to do anything either. Hours later, I receive the lists... I love what you do, but got any solutions?

I'm on Android G1.

gnugu's picture
RE: Emails not working

You receive your list at the exactly the same time you receive the email into your Gmail application on your phone, providing the subject matches verbatim and the sender is the one from your list.

When you say you get your list hours later, can you please check when you have received the email in question?

Also please email us directly at our support email for faster response.

Re: Emails not working

So after I've spammed gnugu with 30 emails back and forth trying to figure out why I wasn't able to receive the updates, here it goes. I had the FREE version also installed, so they were conflicting each other. So if you are not getting new notifications on your Plus version, double check to make sure the free version is uninstalled.

gnugu have been extremely awesome for trying to help me. Keep it up gnugu!

Two things I love about You Got Shopping

1) It's small. My poor G1 cannot hold very many apps.

2) It's simple. My wife likes things that are uncomplicated.

It's so good that I paid for the plus app. Bravo!


Does the + version allow you to add a quantity against each item

For example: Apples 3

or something like that?

If it can it would be the perfect app for me!

gnugu's picture
RE: Quantity

It does not allow you to "add a quantity" to each item.

We see no point in it. Instead of adding apples and then adding a quantity of three you can simply write "3 apples" ;).

froyo compatible?

I keep getting a FC while running this under Froyo 2.2. Miss using this app I paid for. TIA.

gnugu's picture
RE: froyo compatible?

To the best of our knowledge Froyo has not yet been officially released.

As soon as it is we will test and fix the bugs if there are any.

Understood. Alot of devs seem

Understood. Alot of devs seem to already be updating their apps on the market regardless. Oh well.

gnugu's picture
RE: Understood. Alot of devs seem

The problem is that this app relies on Gmail. Gmail is NOT in the emulator so we can't test it.

We will have to wait for official release, so we can test on a real phone.


[Edit] People who upgraded to the leaked Froyo have tons of problems. It may easily be that your problems go away with official release.


...waiting for official release and upgrade for compatibility is understood. I'll just have to find another grocery app in the meantime, maybe never to return. Thanks for the prompt reply.

FYI: I haven't had any issues with my Froyo install on my Droid, but I can see where some people might have a "ton" of problems if they're not doing this right or destabilizing the phone with deeper hacks. It's nice having a faster more stable phone.

gnugu's picture
RE: Froyo...

Please email me at my support email. You'll find it on the market.

Item at multiple stores

I agree with Nancy. I use a program on my BB called HoneyDew, and have expressed the same concerns. I am now looking to change to a Droid Phone, and since HoneyDew is one of my most used apps, I was hoping that the more advanced droid apps would cover this issue. Will it in the future?

app kills gmail

Hey guys,

I'm heartbroken. This is the best shopping list app, I loved it until I realized that it simply kills the Gmail client on my phone. I know it's an old one (a Sony Ericsson with a 2.1 OS), but is it possible that this will be fixed? It's not that the app was expensive, but I'd love to use it anyway :)

gnugu's picture
RE: app kills gmail

It seems like you have upgraded your GMail app to version 2.3.5+.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do until Google gives us a way of reading email messages in GMail.

More here!category-topic/gmail/reading-and-receiving-messages/XD0C4sw9K7U

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