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Secret Box+

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Secret Box+ offers all the great functionality of our free Secret Box and more!

You now can add those naughty pictures of your mistresses to your secrets.

The pictures are encrypted with the same powerful AES algorithm and stored on your media card.

Follow the screen shots and descriptions to learn more and please leave your comments to help us improve the application and/or ourselves.


At the bottom of your secret you can see the number of images attached.


Click menu button to view, add and delete those naughty pictures.


No pictures? No worries! You can always add some.


Gallery of pictures on your device. Press Menu to capture new pictures or simply touch a picture to add it to your secret.


Picture is being encrypted so you can sleep well...


Enjoy them, pictures.




Would be a good app

Would be a good app

feedback for secret box

Hi, I am a new user to Android, and have a need to transfer a substantial quantity of notes from my previous platform into a notes application in Android. I am sure many other people are in the same boat, since android is a relatively new platform. I've exported all my notes from my previous platform into a simple CSV file, with the simple format:

"Note text", "folder name"

Do you think you could add an import feature to Secret Box, which could read in such a CSV file?

Another suggestion is to create an encrypted archive on the SD card.

Another suggestion is to implement a password expiration timer, such that if Secret Box is closed for only a brief period, the user does not have to enter the password again. The timer would only start if there is inactivity in Secret Box, of course. It would be quite an annoyance if the password expired while one is entering a very long note!

I am also wondering what is the difference between Secretbox and Secretbox+. They appear to have to same features, as far as I can tell. If you can implement all of the above features, I would gladly pay a handsome amount of money for the tool! Secrets are priceless!

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RE: feedback for secret box

>>Another suggestion is to create an encrypted archive on the SD card.
Data already is on SD card.

>>Do you think you could add an import feature to Secret Box, which could read in such a CSV file?
Currently we are not planing this.

>>Another suggestion is to implement a password expiration timer
You will not be prompted for a password when you type new note unless the application quits.

>>I am also wondering what is the difference between Secretbox and Secretbox+
Secretbox+ lets you store encrypted pictures with your notes.

resolution issues

I recently upgraded secretbox+ to be able to stash my pics, unfortunately this changed the resolution significantly. My 10mp pics are now so pixelated that no true detail is visible... why stash them? I Like the app for passwords etc but the picture encryption doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions?

Motorola droid user

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RE: resolution issues

Actually, pictures are encrypted and stored in their original resolution. I know it's not obvious.
We only display them scaled down.
We are investigating the possibility of using the built in picture viewer. This would show them in full res as well as allow zooming.

Stay tuned!

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Version 1.1.3 released!

Now using default phone's image viewer with zooming.
Also solves the problem with resolution as surg1 mentioned.

Great work

Great app! Need some revision and it could be one of the most interesting utilities for android.
Lot of people ask "how can I encrypt my files!?"
Keep going!

Importing Data

I'd like to import my existing password file, which I can export as text, into Secret Box. Is there any way to do this directly or by cut and paste?

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RE: Importing Data

Sorry, this is not currently possible.

sharing pics

I would like to be able to unencrypt the files to be able to email or text to others as well as modify. It seems that once they are in the box... that's it. How can you modify the pics later?

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RE: sharing pics

As of now it is impossible.

how can i buy this app

how can i buy this app (+version) outside android market?

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RE: how can i buy this app

You can buy it here:

Download SlideME client here

This was working very well

This was working very well for me until I updated my DROID to 2.0.5. Now my pics are still there, but I can only look at thumbnails. Please patch for 2.0.5.

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RE: This was working very well

Please contact us through support email.



Dose what it says

Dose what it says

video encryption

Any plans to include video (3gp) files?


How do i export files back to their original folder without encryption if i stop using secrect box?

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RE: Export

This is currently not possible.

Encrypt for video (3gp and mp4)

I work quite a few hours and am away from home for long streches so I get videos and pictures sent to my phone so I can see my kids playing and having fun. I like to hang on to these to watch and look at when I am missing them while I am away, but would like a way to put my videos into my Secure Box+ with my pictures just in case any malware got on my phone and tried to strip videos or I lost my phone. Given technology today I don't want to see videos of my family edited/posted up on sites.

Are there any plans to add video encryption abilities to a future update?

Having trouble downloading

Having trouble downloading

want my pictures back

why there is no possibility to decrypt my pictures or share them via email, bluetooth...?

lots of (for me) important pictures stuck in the AES files and i have no possibility to restore them to my workstation!

dev's when will be this option available?


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RE: want my pictures back

Export is on the top of our feature list.
We don't give the time estimates. Sorry.



I luv dis

I luv dis

a way to capture directly from the camera?

Is there a way to add a photo directly from the camera, if I take a picture with the camera, Google uploads it for Google Plus right away, I want to take the picture from within secretbox so it never hits the Google servers.

Also I'd like the option to have the password be just numbers and have a nice big 0-9 keypad to enter the password to unlock with.

Thanks so much for a great app.

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RE: a way to capture directly from the camera?

You can turn the auto upload to Google+ off.

Me gustaría tener está

Me gustaría tener está aplicación

how do i restore my original secret box files?

Hello...I had Secret Box installed on my original droid x. One day it just quit working and wouldl not power back on. I have used Secret Box for a long long time. Just before my phone quit working I did a backup of Secret Box to my SD card. When I activated my new phone I tried to restore the contents I had in my Secret Box. I was not able to do so so I lost it all. I have notes in entries in there that I could never replace. I ended upjust having to reinstall the app but found out none of my files transferred. One day I found what I thought was my Secret Box files and tried to reinstall to the new app on my new phone but not this time I had already re-entered what I could find written down but it in no way encompassed my original entries. Those files are still in my SD card somewhere I just cannot find them. Could you please give me the name of the file and the path to it so that I can try to recover it. It was saved as a default file I never changed the name of it. The day that I thought I had found the original files I was going to try to restore but I was afraid it would erase what I had already reentered...which was very pain staking lol. Also one last question ...if I was able to find the original files when installing them would it erase/overwrite the ones that i have already entered in the new application? I must know this before I would attempt it. I have now added many many more new ones and don't want to run the risk of erasing them. I can deal easily with duplicated entries ...just by manually deleting but I think my world wiuld just come to an end if I accidentally erased them!!! PLEASE ADVISE AND THANKS SO MUCH! I'M ABOUT TO INSTALL THE PLUS VERSION SO I CAN INCLUDE PICTURES. YOUR APP IS AWESOME AND I APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORK!!!

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RE: how do i restore my original secret box files?

on your new phone (and it's sdcard) you now have a NEW database. Connect your phone to PC and follow the prompts on your phone. Once all is connected you will have a new 'removable' drive. Open it. There you will find a folder named 'secretbox'. Copy it to your PC. DO NOT OVERIDE your old backup!! Copy it elsewhere.

You now have a backup of your new database.

Now you have a decision to make: Do you want your OLD data or your NEW data?? Unfortunately there is no way to merge the two :( , so you have to chose one.

If you chose the old one, just grab it from your PC and copy it over to that 'removable' drive and override the files. I hope you remember your old password.


I use this application for

I use this application for many years, I appreciate it very much and use it every day, its very usefull, the only think I regret, is not to be able to sort my notes alphabeticaly.
Could you add this in a future update please.
Many thanks in advance.

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