All our applications can be found on Android Market.

If you reside in a country where paid applications are not supported by Android Market, you can buy the applications on SlideME. You will need to install SlideME Application Manager.


  • Extend default contact search to notes, organizations and postal addresses.

  • Secret Box is an Android application that stores your passwords, secrets, secret details about your mistresses, credit card numbers and whatever you don't want others who might get hold of your device to see.

  • Secret Box+ offers all the great functionality of our free Secret Box and more!

    You now can add those naughty pictures of your mistresses to your secrets.

  • Have your trusted someone email you the things you need to buy on your way home. You no longer need to type them in on your tiny phone!

  • You've got shopping+ is our answer to user's feature requests for You've got shopping.