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Extend default contact search to notes, organizations and postal addresses.

A friend was talking about his favorite specialty meat shop. We asked him for a phone number. He pulls out his iPhone, hesitates and says:

- I don't remember the name of the shop.
- No problem, why don't you just type meat in the search?
- Well, this thing only searches through names.
- Hah! Just wait for Android. It'll find everything!

As it turned out, Android as well searches contacts only by name!

Not anymore! We extend this search to notes, organizations and postal addresses so you can now find your auto service or massage therapist without remembering the name. You don't use your Contacts search, instead it integrates with the Search Widget (or Google Search Widget) right on your home screen. Just simply use the Search Widget (or Google Search Widget) to search for all your contacts now!


Before the application can be used, the Search Widget (or Google Search Widget) needs to be made aware of it. From home screen click Menu button and select Settings followed by Search followed by Searchable Items. Once there, make sure that Contact Search+ is checked.

Now you can add some notes to your contacts.


When you search for word in your contact's note for the first time, the contact will not show on the top of search suggestions. You have to scroll all the way down to More results... where you will see results supplied by Contact Search+. Tap on it.


It will expand. Tap on the expanded area and you will see your contacts.


When you have selected the results from More results... several times (about five times) the phone will realize that these are legitimate results and will promote the suggestions to the top of the list. Simply tap on the contact to show the details.


Run Contact Search+ to set which fields of the contact data and how will they be searched.


Privacy Policy

Contact Search+ requires access to your phone's contacts to perform the search. We do not share, nor collect any information in your contacts. The access is purely used for searches you perform on your phone.

You do not use your contact

You do not use your contact search, rather than its integrated search widgets on your home screen (or the Google search gadget). Simply use the search components (or the Google search tool) search all of your contacts!
auto diagnostic tool

Contact Search+ capabilities

I’m about to purchase my first Android phone. The hang-up has always been lack of a real search on text function that I had on my Palm devices 15 years ago, and on my Microsoft OS until recently. The new Windows 7 mobile OS seems to have eliminated their real search function and now only searches on first and last names in the Contact list like every other phone I’ve examined--astonishing. That’s OK for people who have 14 names in their contact list. I have 3,500, collected over 20 years.

Do you have a description of what the current Contact Search+ does? For example, does it search on every contact field? I have codes in almost every field (children, assistant name, spouse, company name, etc.) And I want search on addresses, as well, so I can find everyone in D.C., or Akron, etc., when I’m there or heading there. Does it require a beginning delimiter such as the beginning of a field, a space, a comma or other?

Does it search the calendar?


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RE: Contact Search+ capabilities

As you can see from the picture above, it will search through postal address, organization name, notes and nick name.
First and last name and the phone number are default by Android.
You don't need to prepend the field name.
It does not search the calendar.

If you buy a phone with Android 4 you will not need my app.

Replacing a Palm

I'm like Harvey. I have 1,700 people on my Palm, and I LOVE its search capabilities. I can use it to search for (example) i) any, person, or all, who work for company XXX, or ii) any person who is in, say, the drilling business, or iii) who is a geotechnical engineer, etc, etc. These are very valuable business features, but, as no phone I've seen has them, I've been forced to always carry a phone AND my Palm T3. Now it looks like your app does what I need, so I'll give it a try, and then leave my Palm at home.
After all, (if I understand things right), an Android phone is a handheld computer that's been programmed to act as a telephone, and a Contact list is a data file, so it ought to be possible to write an application that will search through the data in the data file for the items of information that I'm looking for.

Searching natively

I've just discovered that Android 2.3.4 comes very close to this kind of searching natively. For example, if I enter "butcher" (as in meat) it will find all "butcher"s and people called Butcher too, or if I enter 9163 it will find all people whose phone numbers contain the sequence 9163 (anywhere in the number!). Enter a company name and it will find all Contacts who work for that company. Very close to what I need.
Unfortunately it does not seem to search the text in Notes.
How to do this is described in the Users Guide. Do a Google search for "Android 2.3.4 Users Guide"

Galaxy S3

Hi, had your app on my EVO, but it cannot be set-up on Galaxy S3 because there is no option to select search options. How do I get it set-up on the new phone?

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RE: Galaxy S3

What version of Android is on that phone?
Tap on the Google Search bar that is on your screen. Once it takes over the screen, click Menu and you will find Search Options there.


No Search Options when I click Menu on S3.
Android Version 4.0.4

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RE: S3

I don't think you need Contact Search+ on version 4 and up.

Try without and see if you can find your contacts as you used to.

S3 doesn't automatically

S3 doesn't automatically search for names

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RE: S3 doesn't automatically

Not quite sure what you mean. Can you provide more info please?

I too am having the same

I too am having the same problem with my s3. I search by notes a lot and need my Cs+.
There is no selection for searchable items on the s3 that I can find(through system settings or Google searchbox)

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RE: I too am having the same

There is a Google Search box on top of your S3 screen.
Click it.
Once it takes over the whole screen click Menu button, then settings and take it from there.

Please help me get this working again


I used your contact search+ previously and loved it.
I need to be able to search contacts by addresses.
Anyway, I just got a new phone HTC one M8 and I cant seem to get this to work.
I put the widget on my main home screen.
When I click the widget I just have the option to place a check in Postal addresses, organizations, notes, etc...
When I click google search on my home screen I click Menu, Settings, Phone search, Then I get Get apps to check but "Contact Search+" is not one of them.


I have read where you say that your app is not needed for Android 4 and up. But I dont think that is true. I can't figure how to search addresses???

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RE: Please help me get this working again

You have placed an app icon itself on your home screen, not the widget.
To add the widget, please follow this:


search settings

Hi I have HTC 820 with Android 4.4 but I m unable to find the search setting of Google where I have place a tick for contact +. Kindly help.

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RE: search settings

That no longer exists.
Add ContactSearch+ widget to your screen.

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Ive been waiting for some1 to fix this horrible search problem and yeah, its done! All my contacts not in the name field finally come up. All mytouch

— Anjanette

Dec 8, 2009

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