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Secret Box

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Secret Box is an Android application that stores your passwords, secrets, secret details about your mistresses, credit card numbers and whatever you don't want others who might get hold of your device to see.

All data is AES encrypted and protected by your own password. Unlike other password protected notes it is the entire Secret Box that is protected, so you don't need to type the password for every note. This also prevents the potential intruders from seeing even the titles of your secrets. Your secrets are safe!

All your data is stored in an encrypted file on your device's media card to make backup and transfer between devices easy.

Follow the screen shots and descriptions to learn more and please leave your comments to help us improve the application and/or ourselves.


Terms of Use
This application is given to you free of charge and comes with no warranty whatsoever. We (HERA Consulting Ltd.) are not to be held responsible for loss of data or any other damage to you, your device, your family, your relationships or your pets that might occur during the use and/or presence of this application on your phone, emulator or any other Android device (real or not).


This is the application icon.


When the application is run for the very first time, you will be asked to create a new password. Please remember the password. We can't help you if you forget it! We cannot unscramble the eggs. Once you give it a password a data file for your secret box will be created on your media card.


In the Secret Box you store your secrets in compartments. You can create as many compartments as you want.

Secret Box has compartments and compartments have secrets.


Things you can do to those comparments...


Touch and hold the compartment...


It is easy to change the compartment name.


Touch the compartment or select View Secrets from the menu and you will see the list of secrets hidden in that compartment.


Each secret has a title and a body. Only title will show in the secret list above. Body is a plain unformatted text.


Tired of your password? Easy to change it!



Can u share all info so that u can have it saved in case something happens to ur sdcard? For example, share it to email.

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RE: Emailed

Please read:


I am currently using the free version of this app. I like what I see; however, I don't see a way to share stored pictures or move them to an "un-secret" location.
Am I missing something or are these actions not possible?



Upon further review, I found how to share...
Great app, I gave it a 5-star raving review in the Android Market.



I bought Secretbox+ for my Droid when it first came to Verizon and i've loved using it. I just recently upgraded to Galaxy Nexus and the app still works, but when viewing pictures it will only display the firts picture you decrypt no matter how many other pictures you try to view it will say it is decrypting them and then display that first picture again.

I purchased from Android market and would gladly purchase again if there is a way of getting the photo viewing issue fixed in another version! Hoping that there is a solution as i have not found another program that comes even close to Secretbox+ in giving me the features i want!


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thanks for pointing it out.

I'm working on it!

BTW, this post belongs to SecretBox+ page ;).


I set my secret box to stealth I introduce the code ## secret code ...and is not opening it....what can I do?please help

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RE: hello/.\

Here is what you do:
1. Check the name of your application.
2. Check who the developer of your application is.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2!
4. Ask your real developer for help!

Application you are talking about IS NOT mine!

Double file

I recently had an error on the SD card file system, making the secret box database unreadable. Luckily I managed to find the database file after running the windows disk check, but this made me worry quite a lot.

I think this issue could be mostly resolved if your app automatically made two or maybe three copies of its database. This is a bit ugly, but multiple files getting corrupted at the same time is quite unlikely and it is hard to see other ways to solve this since storage integrity is in general beyond your control.

Please consider this for your next version.


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RE: Double file

Well, you could say the same about any file. Pictures, documents, you name it.

I suggest regular backup

Hi, upgraded android on my

Hi, upgraded android on my phone, installed secret box and restored files from backup. Now, after I enter the password, I get the message- database file is corrupted, delete it and strat over.
I really need the data from the file.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

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RE: Hi, upgraded android on my

The only thing I can suggest it to try restoring again.
Or take it from the old sdcard if you still have it.

From Android 2.3 to Android 4.04 on GS2

Hello !

I used Secret Box for a long time with great pleasure on HTC Magic first, then on Samsung GS2. It worked perfectly ! But I updated my Galaxy S2 to ICS 4.0.4 and now it does not work any more. It opens, shows the list of compartiments, but after, when I want to show he secrets it bugs, complete freeze of the phone, and then it stops.
Any idea or solution because it is really a great soft ? I tried to delete and reinstall but it still does not work. Thank you very much. Bye

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RE: From Android 2.3 to Android 4.04 on GS2

I'm using it dayly on 4.1.2 currently. Went through 4.0.4 without problems.

Try to uninstall and install again, see if that helps.

Hi ! Still does not work

Hi !
Still does not work after install again 2 or 3 times. But I thing taht some files stay in the phone even after deletion of soft because when I install again ans start Secret Box, It does not ask me the password, it keep somewhere the password.
So my question is: where are stored all the files of Secret Box so that I can delete it TOTALLY. If you can give me the path of all the files, it would be a good thing for complete deletion.

Thanks again.

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RE: Hi ! Still does not work

Here, this will help

Does not work on HTC Desire X, window won't fit.


I tried to install SecretBox on an HTC Desire X. Installation was fine but when the application starts up a message reports that the screen is to small to fit the window. The menu button is not visible on the screen.

SecretBox worked fine on the original HTC Desire which has the same screen resolution (480x800).

A fix would be most appreciated.

can t put picture

J ai fais download pour secret box mais je narrive pas a mettre des photos

can t put picture

J ai fais download pour secret box mais je narrive pas a mettre des photos

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RE: can't put the picture

For pictures you need SecretBox+

Regarding the charges

I subscribed for secret box now every week a certain amount is taken from my mobile for renewal I want to cancel that, how can I do that

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RE: Regarding the charges

You are barking at the wrong tree! This app is and always was free. Find the developer of your app.

Hi gooday! I don't want this

Hi gooday! I don't want this application anymore please tell me how to unsubscribe here, I already uninstall the application but still they are cutting my balance .. please help me ..

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RE: Hi gooday! I don't want this

Again, and for the LAST TIME. You DO NOT have my application! Go and find the developer of the app you used. My app is FREE!

Can this drain money from my mobile divice

Hi my name is hossien I am here to ask if is this the app that Is draining money from my android device I live in United Arab Emirates and if this is the reason to my problem I want you to help me on how to unsubscibe to this my device is Samsung galaxy Note 4 and my sim card company is Etisalat thanks for reading

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RE: Can this drain money from my mobile divice

I get this a lot. You have some OTHER application not my SecretBox. My SecretBox is fee and there is absolutely NO subscription.


Hi good day. I just want to ask, How will stop Secret box or deactivate my secret annoys me it always deduct form my balance every week. thanks for the answer.

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RE: ??

Please find few seconds it takes to read the comment above.

How I unsubscribe secret box from Samsung I 5

Hello very diffcult to unsubscribe the secret box Plz do as possible as easy.

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RE: How I unsubscribe secret box from Samsung I 5

What do you mean by 'unsubscribe' ?

I was not given a chance to

I was not given a chance to decide i never wanted to subscribe....I. was forced to subscribe......

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RE: I was not given a chance to

What are you talking about!?


Hello. I have lost the lg leon phone. When I updated a new version of android phone, I ytied to download the Ultimate Secret Box and it wouldn't let me. It says it's not compatible with the devixe. How can I retrieve my information?

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RE: lost

This is not a home of Ultimate Secret Box.

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