Frequently Asked Questions - You've got shopping

RE and FW are not allowed in the subject. The subject must be exactly the same as you have set in your application preferences.

Unfortunately we have read-only access to Gmail and we can't mark the email as read or delete it.
You can however create a filter in your Gmail directly to mark all messages with the matching subject as read. Do not make the filter to archive them! If you archive them they'll not come to your Inbox and will not be picked up by YGS.

This is a known problem when you have too many messages in your inbox.
Please label and archive the messages from your inbox.

Find out more information about archiving Gmail here.

It appears that on Motorola Droid (or Android 2 in general?) Gmail pulls and pairs messages into conversation based on a subject even if they are in Trash.

When you receive two shopping list emails in a row that are very similar then Gmail will "quote" the lines that appear in both messages. This seems to cause the problem.

Normally, you shouldn't be getting two very similar shopping list messages anyway. It would duplicate your items.

This is currently under investigation.

This is not true!

This application gets notified by your Gmail client application on your phone whenever new message arrives.
Everything happens on your phone only. This app does not even have access to internet.

It is a sad coincidence that you got locked out by Google and has nothing to do with this application.